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Summertime is finally here! If you’re like most people, you may be looking forward to lots of fun outdoor activities with friends and family. The sun comes out earlier during the summer months and sets later, making it easier for people to spend time in the sun. 


By now, it’s common knowledge that applying sunscreen is an essential step to take when exposing yourself to harmful sun damage. People understand that applying sunscreen can protect their skin and lower the chances of developing skin cancer or other skin problems over time. 


However, in addition to protecting your skin from the sun, it is just as important to protect your eyes! We wanted to highlight some great ways in which you can do exactly that. Keep reading to learn more. 


Eye Damage and Ultraviolet (UV) Rays 


Did you know that ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause significant damage to a person’s eyes and vision over time? High exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays can increase the chances of developing numerous eye problems such as macular degeneration and cataracts. In fact, studies show that people with more sun exposure can develop cataracts years before those that don’t espouse themself to UV rays as often. 


You may not notice that damage is occurring, but as the years go by, consistent exposure to the sun can really take its toll on the eyes. This UV damage can happen to people of all ages and may be more serious for people with lighter skin and lighter eyes. Risk also increases for those that work in an outdoor environment on a regular basis. 


Protecting the Eyes During Summer Activities


Summer activities can pose multiple dangers to the eyes if participants aren’t careful. People participating in activities that involve moving objects, such as sports or construction projects, should consider wearing protective eyewear to shield their eyes. These activities can also lead to UV damage if performed under the sun’s powerful rays. 


Thankfully, you can protect yourself in these situations by following a few simple steps. Consider wearing a hat or sun visor when spending time outdoors to provide some shade to your eyes. This can help shield your eyes from UV light.  If participating in something potentially dangerous for your vision, be careful and take steps to guard your eyes from damage. 


Finally, wearing high quality sunglasses is always a great idea even if it may be a cloudy day. Make sure to get a pair that provides 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Sunglasses that are close to the face or wrap around also provide better protection around the edges. 

If you find yourself in a swimming pool this summer, take the time to protect your eyes as well. Pool chemicals such as chlorine can cause the eyes to become red and irritated after some time, causing dryness. Wearing a good pair of goggles can protect your eyes from these chemicals and also from the sun’s UV rays. 


Taking a shower and rinsing the eyes after swimming can also be very helpful in washing away harmful chemicals. If needed, eye drops can also be used to lubricate the eyes before and after swimming in a pool. For people with contact lenses, make sure to remove them before entering the pool to avoid an increased risk of infection. 




Summer is a fun season that we all look forward to enjoying with loved ones. However, it is important to protect your eyes from UV rays and other forms of eye damage that you may be exposed to during the season’s many activities. Make sure to invest in a good pair of sunglasses, comfortable hats, and a protective approach towards your eyes. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to having a fun and safe summer!